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Fall is here!











Hello –

Hope everyone is well – been meaning to update this blog but something always came up LOL.   My maintenance treatment with the Rituxin was on Oct 24th  and went well.  The Oncologist seemed pleased with all the lab results as well as seeing some more weight loss on my end.  Activity level has increased back to normal with almost daily walks (4 miles) down and around the beach followed by weight training 4-5x/week, some done at home, others at the gym.  Weight loss is down about 25 pounds since my all time high back at the end of last year, but much of that was water weight from the Prednisone (Steroid) that is both a wonder drug and a bloater.  Been eating fairly clean during the week but like everyone fall off the wagon on most weekends.


Still have not put up the new website, so I’ll recap here for those who had asked.  The last few months we ended up outfitting the home with a nice gym system – full squat rack with/Smith Machine, Lat Pulldown w/200lb stack as well as about 500 pounds in free weights, gym flooring, and wall mirrors.  The rack/weights came from a nice guy in Magnolia (craigslist) who hardly used it.  The dumbbells were harder to find and more expensive than you would imagine – ended up getting pairs of 10’s through 100’s (in 10 pound increments) at a place in Lynnwood, WA – who matched an online quote.  They are urethane, which last much longer than rubber dumbbells and most importantly do not SMELL.   It’s nice to have all this equipment here and I’ve been using it almost daily in some shape or form.














Last weekend Dan and I flew down to Phoenix to watch our dog, Duke, compete at the GDCA – Great Dane Nationals.  It was a real thrill to be at such a big venue and watch our boy compete with the best.   He did very well, handled by our friend and breeder, Kim.   Together they brought home:   Best In Class (15-18 month/dog), Best Junior Dog and Best Bred by Exhibitor.   Exciting and nerve wracking all at the same time.  Here are some pics:










































Looking forward to some time off for Thanksgiving weekend with my family.  Take care!


Chris 🙂

PS:  Took the profile picture above today while I was driving around.  Hadn’t shaved my goatee off in a long time and figured today was the day 🙂

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  1. Just checking in… been awhile and am hoping that things are going ok for you friend! xoxo

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