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Sorry for the gap in posts – I’ve been busy getting back into my routine and was probably trying to forget all of this LOL.   Maintenance Treatment #2 was this past Monday (June 27) morning  and went well.  My regular nurse Debbie was there but her area was totally full in the infusion suite so I ended up in a nearby area with a different gal.  After the Benadry drip I was out for 4 hours and barely remember any of it ha.   I was out by 2pm and heading back home.  My rebound from this treatment (Rituxin) has been quick and not at all as bad as when they were giving me 5 drugs.   Next treatment is on Aug 29 and will continue on this cycle of every 8 weeks for the next 14 months.  My Hair has come back which is nice.  I think I’ll let it grow out for a bit.  Weight has dropped since I’m off the steroid Prednisone.   Here’s a pic I took a few min ago:

Alot has happened, but rather than talk on this forum (since it’s all unrelated) – Dan has set up a new website which I will write about day to day things, etc.  I’ve been getting tons of spam on this blog which is annoying.   More soon – will send new site/link via an email.  

Take care

Chris xo

PS: This site will remain up and updated after my treatments or any medical updates

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