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Hello –

It’s been a while since I logged in.  Part of that is due to being busy (good) and another could be I’m trying to not focus too much on talking about the health aspect of my situation all the time.   With that said a quick recap of the week:

Originally the Rituxin treatment was supposed to take place last Friday with the bloodwork due the day before.  Called on Thursday and they moved everything a few days forward.  On Monday I went in at 8:30 am and saw Dr Ahmed (Oncologist).  She was pleased with the bloodwork and it was nice to see her (it had been over a month).  My next stop was the infusion suite.  My regular nurse Debbie was not in that day but despite that I was well cared for.   The first bag is always the benadryl drip which knocks me on my ass. The best way to describe it is if someone gives you a shot to go to sleep.  After about 30 min I could not keep my eyes open and the laptop was closed and I was out.  A few times I woke myself (from snoring!) to see a few other patients staring at me with a smile on their faces. Guess I was putting on a show.  Dan called me about 2 hours into this and woke me enough to answer.  I swear I could not communicate…whatever i was saying felt like I had marbles in my mouth and was totally drunk.  It was about a 5 second phone call ha.   Around this time they gave me the Rituxin which took until after 1pm to empty out.   I probably shouldnt have driven home, but I did and went straight to bed.  Mistake!  I slept till 6pm and then was awake until 4am!    

The treatment schedule was clarified.  Apparently some new studies have come out that indicate participating in the maintenance treatment one every 8 week, vs every 6 months (for 4 weeks in a row) for a total of 18 additional months has proven more successful at keeping  the cancer in remission.   My next session is June 27.

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Chris 🙂

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