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Birthday Fun!

Hello –

The last few weeks has been busy full of appointments and catching up on work.  Continuing to feel better and becoming more active.  There are still about 6 days until my maintenance chemo (Rituxin) begins (April 29th).   I’m hoping since it’s just 1 vs 5 drugs it will not effect me so bad and allow me to bounce back quicker after each treatment.   I will need to go in for bloodwork on the 28th and then figure out the schedule for May.   My understanding was the maintenance is 4 weeks on followed by 8 weeks off, but I’m not absolutely sure, will know more on the 29th.

On another note, we went with my sister Heidi last night to Tulalip Indian Casino about 45 minutes north to celebrate her 44th birthday.  Originally we were going to spend the night at the hotel up there as a group, but her husband Erik had a last minute job (he’s a tugboat captain), so we decided to just go up for a couple of hours.    It was definitely my night – within the hour I had hit the BONUS round on a game called 50 Lions and won  $1267 (see pics below).  This happened because the highest paying character (lion) came up in the first row followed by all diamonds (which are all  WILD)  in rows 2, 3, 4 and 5.  It was the highest payout I could have won for only playing $1.25/spin = 1000 times my bet.  I had to fill out some forms and they put my name on the top of the slot machine – funny stuff.  Since it was over $1200 I will have to pay taxes on it – oh well.  No complaints though  and the best part is I walked home with all of it!


Sunday we are going over to Heidi’s for Easter dinner, should be fun!   Have a great week everyone!

Chris 🙂

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