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Port Removal


Today was the day to get the port removed.  The whole experience was kind of a dog and pony show.  Yesterday the nurse had called 3 times to reschedule the time and it was hard to be mad at her given her cheery disposition.  Anyhow, we showed up at 2:50 and was checked in (blood pressure, weight, pulse etc).   From here it just went down hill as I wasn’t called into the procedure room until almost 5pm.  Apparently the gal that was in before me (to have a “quick” procedure) ended up having complications which lasted more than 2 hours before she was free to go.    As a result the doctor that was supposed to work on me had to leav by 4pm and thus a resident and med student where in charge (with 3 doctors supervising).  It was all very crowded in this room that couldnt have been more than 10 x 6 feet.   I’m all about new people learning the ropes, but prefer it to be on other people haha.    They prepped me – just a local (Lidocaine) and then made the incision.  It was in there for 6 months and had encapsulated, which was normal. Fortunately it only lasted about 30 minutes and I was on my way.  Here are some pics of the port after removal.

One thing that surprised me was that it was heart shaped – how appropriate.   As you can see there is a plastic tubing that is about a foot long that comes out of the port.  This tubing was worked beneath my skin and then up and down into my jugular for the delivery of the medication.  After they took the tubing out they had to put some serious pressure on my neck for about 5 min to ensure there would be no bleeding.   Given I’m on anti-coagulants (blood thinners – Warfarin) -it was even more important.

There were about 3 stiches where the tube went in the neck and then about 6 where the port came out.  I’ll be able to take the bandage off tomorrow and shower.  The tape that’s on there will eventually fall off in about a week.  The stitches will dissolve .  It doesnt hurt, just itches a bit.

Look forward to this all healing up and being able to sleep comofortable on my left side and stomach if I feel like it.  🙂


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