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Maintenance Treatment

Jackie, the nurse who works with my oncologist) called me on Monday and gave me my new schedule for maintenance treatment.  Apparently my break from the infusion suite is short lived.  I will need to go back May 1.  This gives me at least one more month, but not the 2 or more months I […]

Port Removal

Hello! Today was the day to get the port removed.  The whole experience was kind of a dog and pony show.  Yesterday the nurse had called 3 times to reschedule the time and it was hard to be mad at her given her cheery disposition.  Anyhow, we showed up at 2:50 and was checked in (blood pressure, […]

Great News!

Happy Friday! Just got back from the Oncologist and it’s great news.   The treatment has been successful and will hopefully keep things in remission.   There is some fibrosis (scar tissue) from where the tumors were (see below) but that may or may not be absorbed by the body over time.   The next step will be to have […]


Good morning!  Early now (5:45 am) and we’re heading out of here in about 30 minutes.  Today is the big day – will check into Virginia Mason Hospital in downtown Seattle at 7 am for a PET scan.  Lucky me, I get to “enjoy” 2 huge creamy vanilla smoothies (yuck).  It’s actually a sort of dye that will […]

Big Climb Results

Happy Sunday Everyone!   Today was the day for the big climb (   69 flights of stairs 1,311 steps 788 feet of vertical elevation   The Big Climb is The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) Washington/Alaska Chapter’s largest fundraiser.  All proceeds go towards LLS’ mission to cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease, and myeloma and to improve […]

Chemo Session #6

Hello – Sorry for the time away from posting on here the last week – it’s been a busy.  Monday I awoke early to get ready for Chemo Sesssion # 6.   Dan drove me in and I ended up getting my blood work going a bit late (9am).  Saw the doctor at 10:00 (10:30 – […]

Good Times

Hello – The last week has been decent with no symptoms and better sleep.   This is fairly typical fo me – as I’m a week out from the next chemo session.   Hoping the next one will be my last  for 6 months!  Will wait and see what the scans afterwards indicate, but I’m crossing my fingers. […]

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