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Treatment Update

Fortunately things have been much better symptom wise since about Monday – a welcomed relief.   Even though Monday was a holiday (and off for many people), the hospitals were very busy.    It was our typical early morning as we left the house about 7:30am.  Around 8:30 they took my blood to check the counts and […]

Poor Daisy

Hello, This week has just flown by!  With Monday being a holiday and the majority of my clients (educators) being off this week for mid-winter break, it allowed me to get ahead on the work  side.    Woke up this morning to more snow on the deck – the Puget Sound area was hit by what is considered […]

Leukemia vs Lymphoma

Hello, Found this online today – thought it provided a pretty good basic explanation between leukemia and lymphoma.   Some of you know my Uncle Marty (who lives with us) was just treated for Leukemia and have asked what the differences are.  Marty is currently done with his treatment but will be monitored closely. Difference Between lymphoma and leukemia […]

Rough Week

Hello, As many of you have noticed I dont always write about my health issues – that would get old real quick.  The entries follow a range of subjects – some of which are certainly silly or insignificant, but basically just what’s on my mind or going on that particular day.   This blog has been an outlet for me to […]

Can’t Sleep!!!!!!

Hello – Here I type at past 2 am on Tuesday unable to sleep as the Prednisone is kicking my ass.  Forgive this entry as it might jump around a bit – stream of consciousness style.  Everything just feels off.  My stomach has been bothering me all day.  Not quite enough to make me puke, […]

Big Climb Fundraiser

Hello – A very good friend of mine and old college roommate – Mike Walter – sent me a very sweet email this morning that I wanted to share: ——————- Debbie, Adam, and I just registered for the Big Climb (69 flight stair climb) on March 20th.  Being that this is a big fundraiser not only Leukemia, […]

Double Yolker!

Ok strange blog alert.  I was going to have a couple of eggs this  morning and to my surprise – both were double yolkers!  I felt pretty lucky at that moment and decided to take a pic LOL.      Anyhow – so it got me thinking – what are the odds for 1?  2?  […]

Sneaky Traffic Cameras

Hello, It’s been a few days since I’ve written and wanted to update everyone.  This week has been great – usually the 2nd and 3rd week following chemo is when my strength is up and fatigue is down.   Work has been busy which tends to keep my mind off of the health issues.  Also have […]

Tree Time

Today was a cold, but beautiful day in Seattle and a great day to be outside.  After many months of trying to get some rotten trees removed, the City of Shoreline finally granted us permission.  About a year ago a similar tree (Madrona) had crashed through our fence, taking out an entire section.  Hoping to […]

“Lucky” Monday

Had an early morning on Monday as I needed to get to the lab when they opened at 7:30 am before seeing the oncologist afterwards.    Since mom had yet to meet the doctor, she wanted to come with.  Since her car had a leak in the sunroof, we were going to drop her car off beforehand […]

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