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Happy Sunday!

Hello – Spending the day today getting caught up on work and emails.  The week has been pretty uneventful in terms of symptoms or pain – which I welcome.   One thing that sucked was I realized I was underdosing on the Prednisone (taking 1 instead of 2 pills), which probably was not such a good thing.  Luckily […]

$4000 Shot

Had the chemo yesterday and like before it always makes me feel “off”.  Not a whole lot of energy today and this wasn’t helped at all by the poor sleep.  Dogs hogged the bed and I ended up going down on the couch for a few hours.  Going to need to somehow work on this […]

Chemo #4 & CAT Scan Results

Hell0 – Yesterday was  a long day, got up around 6am, left the house at 6:45 and got to the hospital around 7:30.  Dan usually goes in with me, but his day was packed so he dropped me off.   They did a blood draw at around 8am and then I met with the oncologist around […]

Rituxan Article

Thought this was an interesting article about one of the drugs I’m taking – Rituxan – since it also discusses my particular type of lymphoma – follicular.  After my initial 8 sessions of chemo with multiple drugs, I will continue on with Rituxan for another 18 months (with time off in between).  Like the article indicates, […]

Good News!

As mentioned yesterday, I had the CAT scans and received the images to take home on DVD, but was not able to figure out what I was looking at.  Played phone tag with the nurse at the Oncologist’s office yesterday and today and was finally able to get a little more information.    The nurse was going […]

CAT Scan

We had an early day today – Dan and I got up around 6am and were on the road by 6:45am to make it over to Pacific Medical Center up in Bothell.  The appointment was at 7:30am but I still had to drink two large glasses of water, take the meds and get an IV […]

Andy Whitfield (Sparticus) & Lymphoma

  Dan and I are big fans of last years Starz series: Sparticus Bl0od and Sand.   I recently saw an interview with  Lucy Lawless (who was also in the series) where she spoke about  the star of the series – Andy Whitfield – being diagnosed with Stage 1 Lymphoma (his type was not mentioned).   Apparently he had been on the […]

Black Swan & SNL

I hope everyone is enjoying the three day weekend.  Last night we went and saw Black Swan starring Natalie Portman – very well done.  Without giving the plot line away, it’s about an aging ballerina who is trying to get the lead role (Queen Swan) in Swan Lake.  Creepy.  It shows the extremes she goes through as well as […]


We are taking care of Bebe this week (Daisy’s mom/Duke’s Grandma) and she is just the sweetest Dane.  Recently she celebrated her 9th birthday and seems to be going strong.  The two of us seem to connect and she follows me around the house like God – cannot say I mind it ha.   This morning […]

Those Little Sh****!

As I walked through the front door (after picking up the car from Northgate Mall), Daisy and Duke were suspiciously quiet.  Usually I’m greeted with great exhuberance by both of them.   As I got further into the house I realized why – they had made quite the mess.   While we were gone this morning (for […]

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