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ATV Adventure

At 8:15 this morning we got up and had a comp breakfast courtesy of Claudia, the local time share rep.   She wasn’t pushy at all, as Jim knew a great deal about how they work.  She must have known better.   :).  After about an hour we thanked her and headed off to our ATV adventure that took us […]

Turtle Release Program

The place we are staying has a turtle release program that is really entertaining.  Each night around 6pm (as the sun is setting) the man in charge of the program brings about 100 babies down to the shore and lets the guests hold them before letting them go.  It was really cool and the adults […]

Buenos Dias De Puerta Vallarta!

Hello! We had a great flight down to Puerta Vallarta on Sunday and thoroughly enjoyed the first class treatment.  The flight landed about 3pm and we headed to pick up our car at Hertz.  Talk about a cluster f***!   First we were hounded by time share salesmen after going through baggage claim – some even […]


Boy, is it dark out!  The dogs were hogging the bed, so around 4:30am I had finally had my fill and escaped downstairs to the couch. As it turned out, rather than sleeping I ended up watching TV and catching up with emails on the laptop.  I couldn’t help but feel sorry for some of the hosts on the morning shows […]

Daisy and Duke

The dogs seem to be enjoying my being home and are doing what they do best – lie around.   Here are some pics of Daisy while she’s sleeping in her various (Yoga?) poses: One of Duke – you can see he’s way bigger than his pound and a half birthweight (85 now!).  Hard to […]


I am off from work for the next 2 weeks and as I type I’m watching the movie, “Watchmen” on HBO.  For those who have not seen it, it can best be described as a superhero movie that takes place in the mid 80’s.  The world as we know it has been altered due to the presence of superheroes after WW2.   […]

Dinner @ Nils & Synnove

Our wonderful Norwegian neighbors (our backyards connect) had us over for some great food and company this past Sunday.  They always go all out with the appetizers, salads and wine – really first class treatment.  Kyle and Casey (good friends from NY) were still in town and were also invited to join us.  Their son […]

Family & Friends

Hello – I hope everyone had a great weekend.  This weekend was very busy as we were putting the finishing touches on Christmas gifts and cards.  On Friday we were lucky enough to have family fly in from New York and Colorado Springs for a few days and needed to get the place looking respectable. My cousin Sara […]

Susan Snaps – oh,yeah!

After returning from Reno I had to give myself the Neulasta (blood booster) shot with the knowledge that the bone pain would kick in over the following days.  Boy did it.   Yesterday and today were very painful,but fortunately localized to the lower back.  Again the pain is a result of putting your white blood […]

All In!

The week got away from me and I realized my blog had gone to the wayside as a result.   This past weekend I was able to travel with my good friend Jim (he’s also my old HS Wrestling Coach) to Reno and Tahoe to play in some Texas No-Limit Poker tournaments.   Harrah’s Casino […]

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