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Dave’s Killer Bread (21 Grain) & Field Roast (Smoked Apple Sage)

Had a lighter day today and was able to try some different foods and post on them.  Below you’ll find some things I tried and how I rate it (1 to 5 stars).  If any of you have healthy ideas or foods you’d like me to try or include please send them my way and […]


Happy Monday!   I woke up today with my pain having subsided quite a bit from the days before and decided this was as good a day as any to increase my exercise level.  Daisy and I walked about 4 miles (roundtrip) to Richmond Beach – she was VERY excited.   Everytime I get the leash ready or […]

Neulasta Side Effects

Last night about 8pm I started to have some side effects – severe cramping in my lower back.  Never experienced spasms like that before and finally I took 2 Oxycodone (Percocet) 325mg and remained flat on my back.  Finally the spasms stopped and I fell asleep.   When I awoke about 8am and went to […]

Happy Thanksgiving

Dan and I pulled it together and we all ended up having a great Thanksgiving.  Big Thanks to everyone who helped make such a great meal happen.  🙂 Happy Thanksgiving! Now it’s time to take a hint from the dogs and take a nap.

Thanksgiving Prep

Hello! It was still cold out today but the streets were more manageable.  Didn’t seem to matter anyways as both Dan and I worked from home today.   Good thing as we had forgotten we had an appointment today with an arborist.  He knocked on the door about 11am to check out one tree that had falled and […]

Another Cold Day

Today was another cold day in Shoreline, WA, low 20’s – in fact a record for the time of year.  The schools were closed so my day was open and shortly after finding this out Dan received news that his work recommended their employees stay home.  Perfect – roll over for a second snooze!   Eventually we all (dogs included) got […]

Meat – saying goodbye to a friend

My family is a large family – and I’m not talking about numbers (even though my mom’s side is a large Catholic family).  Unfortunately, among other things obesity has been among the health issues we all had a chance of developing.  This of course meant eating what you wanted, when you wanted.  It’s easy to […]

Port Implant

The port was placed in my chest last week (Tuesday 11/16) and will enable the chemo to be directed more accurately.  Plus it will let me avoid from having a PICC line in my arm for IV’s when I go in for treatment – so, let’s say it makes the job of a nurse in […]

Exercise & Health

For many years  – from age 33  to present – I managed to keep my weight within a zone that was still somewhat comfortable (275-280lbs) but definitely not ideal.  Four or more days a week I would do the typical cardio (treadmill) or a powerwalk down and up the beach for an hour and then later in the evening […]

My First Post

Happy Monday!  This is my first post, so I’ll try to catch everyone up on what has happened over the past few weeks by going back and filling in the blanks when I’m able.  I was afraid with my procrastination it would never get started if I didnt type something today.  The main purpose of […]

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