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Maintenance Treatment

Hello – It’s been a while since I logged in.  Part of that is due to being busy (good) and another could be I’m trying to not focus too much on talking about the health aspect of my situation all the time.   With that said a quick recap of the week: Originally the Rituxin treatment […]

Great News!

Happy Friday! Just got back from the Oncologist and it’s great news.   The treatment has been successful and will hopefully keep things in remission.   There is some fibrosis (scar tissue) from where the tumors were (see below) but that may or may not be absorbed by the body over time.   The next step will be to have […]

Treatment Update

Fortunately things have been much better symptom wise since about Monday – a welcomed relief.   Even though Monday was a holiday (and off for many people), the hospitals were very busy.    It was our typical early morning as we left the house about 7:30am.  Around 8:30 they took my blood to check the counts and […]

Can’t Sleep!!!!!!

Hello – Here I type at past 2 am on Tuesday unable to sleep as the Prednisone is kicking my ass.  Forgive this entry as it might jump around a bit – stream of consciousness style.  Everything just feels off.  My stomach has been bothering me all day.  Not quite enough to make me puke, […]

$4000 Shot

Had the chemo yesterday and like before it always makes me feel “off”.  Not a whole lot of energy today and this wasn’t helped at all by the poor sleep.  Dogs hogged the bed and I ended up going down on the couch for a few hours.  Going to need to somehow work on this […]

Chemo #4 & CAT Scan Results

Hell0 – Yesterday was  a long day, got up around 6am, left the house at 6:45 and got to the hospital around 7:30.  Dan usually goes in with me, but his day was packed so he dropped me off.   They did a blood draw at around 8am and then I met with the oncologist around […]

Rituxan Article

Thought this was an interesting article about one of the drugs I’m taking – Rituxan – since it also discusses my particular type of lymphoma – follicular.  After my initial 8 sessions of chemo with multiple drugs, I will continue on with Rituxan for another 18 months (with time off in between).  Like the article indicates, […]

Followup with Doc

Hello, This Monday I had an early followup appointment at Pac Med on Capitol Hill in Seattle.  They wanted me to come in early (7:30 am) to get my lab work done prior to meeting with the doctor.   Guess my 7:30am is different than theirs — geez would have rather had that 1/2 back to […]

Chemo Session #2

Hello – I was way too tired to write on the blog yesterday as I was given my second round of chemotherapy up at Pacific Medical Infusion Suite on Capitol Hill in Seattle.  Traffic was horrible – we left our house in Shoreline in what should normally be a 30 min drive and it ended up […]

President of the Big Head Club

        Hello! – Guess I spoke too soon – hair started coming out yesterday for the first time in noticeable amounts.  The bathroom sink (counter) had a nice pile on it from casually combing and then some more came out when I GENTLY grabbed some hair at the back of my head.  My days […]

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