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Where’s the gun show?

Athough it did rain later today, this morning turned out to be decent so Daisy and I did the 4 mile beach walk.  Fortunately the tide was out so we could walk all the way around and she could also be off leash and do some of her “exploring”. It’s pretty funny to see how […]

Bill Pearl Classic Nov 2001 – Flash from the Past

Currently I’m sorting a bunch of old photos and was looking back at a Bodybuilding show (Bill Pearl Classic in Oregon) I had competed in at age 32 – back on Nov 2001.  My friend Dan Potts had trained me for only 7 weeks in preparation for this show, to include the nutrition/diet aspect.   Aside from […]

Workout – Shoulders/Traps & light abs

Since the pain level has subsided into just a small area in my tricep and is tolerable, I decided that I might as well grab some good workouts this week mon/tues/wed before I get hammered with Chemo Session #2 this thursday and laid up on Friday & Saturday. Went solo down to Richmond Beach early […]


Happy Monday!   I woke up today with my pain having subsided quite a bit from the days before and decided this was as good a day as any to increase my exercise level.  Daisy and I walked about 4 miles (roundtrip) to Richmond Beach – she was VERY excited.   Everytime I get the leash ready or […]

Exercise & Health

For many years  – from age 33  to present – I managed to keep my weight within a zone that was still somewhat comfortable (275-280lbs) but definitely not ideal.  Four or more days a week I would do the typical cardio (treadmill) or a powerwalk down and up the beach for an hour and then later in the evening […]

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