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The Kind Diet, Chik Patties & Sausages

Happy Monday! – A BIG thanks to Heather for thinking of me this weekend and bringing by some organic/vegetarian food items as well as a book about vegan cooking with lots of ideas for us to check out.  It’s called “the kind diet” and was written by Alicia Silverstone: – – Although saving the planet might […]

Dave’s Killer Bread (21 Grain) & Field Roast (Smoked Apple Sage)

Had a lighter day today and was able to try some different foods and post on them.  Below you’ll find some things I tried and how I rate it (1 to 5 stars).  If any of you have healthy ideas or foods you’d like me to try or include please send them my way and […]

Meat – saying goodbye to a friend

My family is a large family – and I’m not talking about numbers (even though my mom’s side is a large Catholic family).  Unfortunately, among other things obesity has been among the health issues we all had a chance of developing.  This of course meant eating what you wanted, when you wanted.  It’s easy to […]

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