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Fall is here!

                    Hello – Hope everyone is well – been meaning to update this blog but something always came up LOL.   My maintenance treatment with the Rituxin was on Oct 24th  and went well.  The Oncologist seemed pleased with all the lab results as well as […]

Andy Whitfield passes at age 39

Hello –   I had written about Andy Whitfield several months ago on this blog and was sad to see he had passed away today.    🙁   Chris   ——-                       Andy Whitfield Dead: ‘Spartacus’ Star Dies Of Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma By ANDREW DALTON   […]

Almost Labor Day

Hello!   This Summer came and went so quickly – back to school for the kids in a few days.   The last few months have been spent getting caught up on work and doing some traveling and renovations to the home.  Bathroom on the main floor was renovated and a bar was added – looks […]

I’m Back :)

Hello! Sorry for the gap in posts – I’ve been busy getting back into my routine and was probably trying to forget all of this LOL.   Maintenance Treatment #2 was this past Monday (June 27) morning  and went well.  My regular nurse Debbie was there but her area was totally full in the infusion suite so […]


Today started out fine in all aspects and ended rather shitty.  Figured this is the best way to fill everyone in without a mass email.   Last night I was having pain in my left forearm and had this gut feeling it was a bloodclot.  I figured if it wasn’t better by today I would call […]

Birthday Fun!

Hello – The last few weeks has been busy full of appointments and catching up on work.  Continuing to feel better and becoming more active.  There are still about 6 days until my maintenance chemo (Rituxin) begins (April 29th).   I’m hoping since it’s just 1 vs 5 drugs it will not effect me so bad and allow me to bounce back quicker […]

Still Here :)

Hello –   Hope everyone had a great start to their week.  It’s been about 12 days since I’ve written on this blog.  During this time it’s just been nice to get back to a normal schedule and not think (or write) too much about my health situation, but rather just soak up the good […]

Maintenance Treatment

Jackie, the nurse who works with my oncologist) called me on Monday and gave me my new schedule for maintenance treatment.  Apparently my break from the infusion suite is short lived.  I will need to go back May 1.  This gives me at least one more month, but not the 2 or more months I […]

Port Removal

Hello! Today was the day to get the port removed.  The whole experience was kind of a dog and pony show.  Yesterday the nurse had called 3 times to reschedule the time and it was hard to be mad at her given her cheery disposition.  Anyhow, we showed up at 2:50 and was checked in (blood pressure, […]


Good morning!  Early now (5:45 am) and we’re heading out of here in about 30 minutes.  Today is the big day – will check into Virginia Mason Hospital in downtown Seattle at 7 am for a PET scan.  Lucky me, I get to “enjoy” 2 huge creamy vanilla smoothies (yuck).  It’s actually a sort of dye that will […]

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